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Experienced team
with a proven track record


We are a multidisciplinary family composed of engineers, data analysts, clinicians, and business people.

Our story

Hi-D Imaging was incorporated in 2019 by Dr. Utku Gulan and Dr. Özge Karakas, colleagues at ETH at the time, to revolutionize medical image processing for cardiology. While conducting their postdoctoral research, the scientists decided to take a step forward to have a direct impact on the patients.

The name Hi-D /haɪ-di/ Imaging is originated from three meanings: representing our Swiss roots (the Swiss name, Heidi) where we offer high-resolution medical image processing results with Swiss precision, it is a nod to high dimensional (4-D) nature of our technology and speaks for a meaning of “come on let’s do this” (“haydi”) in the Turkish language, representing the energy, motivation, and resilience of the Hi-D Imaging team.

Our ultimate goal is to improve the operational outcomes by revolutionizing pre-operational planning in cardiology. We position ourselves as the world’s leading company in blood flow analysis and aim to improve the lives of as many patients as possible all around the world.

Best in our field

The success lies in the multi-disciplinary nature of the approach, combining state-of-the-art technologies such as fluid dynamics, computer vision, machine learning, 3D printing, and in-vitro imaging.

We are a multidisciplinary family. Our team is a great fusion of engineers, experimentalists, data analysts, and clinicians. We love what we do and dream to bring our novel technology to as many people as possible all around the world.

Leadership team

Co-founder, CEO

Management & Technology

Co-founder, COO

Operations & Management

Clinical affairs

Board Member

Business Development

Board Member

Business Development and Sales

Board Observer

Sales and Marketing

Advisory team

Clinical Advisor

Interventional cardiology

Clinical Advisor

Interventional cardiology

Clinical Advisor

Interventional cardiology

Product and Quality team

Product Design and Development Lead

Product Development

Machine Learning Engineer

Medical Image Processing

Requirements and Quality Engineer

Quality & Data

Deep Learning Engineer

Deep Learning, Computer Vision

Software Testing and Quality Engineer

Machine Learning, Computer Vision

Timeline and Achievements

  1. Method establishment and validation

    • Dr. Utku Gulan Ph.D. thesis
    • ETH medal awarded for outstanding thesis
    • IFMBE young investigator award
    • Bench validation of the technology for aorta
  2. Feasibility and validation of different applications

    • CHF 1.4M grant received from Swiss National Science Foundation
    • Bench validation for the influence of aging on hemodynamics
    • 14 scientific publications on high impact journals
    • >100 citations
    • Clinical and bench validation for the right heart (pulmonary and tricuspid valves)
  3. Publications and validation

    • Bench validation for transcatheter aortic, surgical, mechanical valves
    • >150 citations
    • CHF 200k grant received from different funds
    • Two Nature publications on athlete’s heart and rare diseases
    • 17 scientific publications in high impact journals
  4. Company establishment

    • Venture Kick phase I finalist
    • Company incorporation
    • The first pilot project signed with a medical company
    • Ozge selected in the Venturelab’s 30 rising-star Swiss Women Entrepreneurs list in 2019
  5. Awards and prizes

    • Proof of concept study with a Swiss hospital
    • ETH spin-off label received
    • Tech tour finalist
    • AIT India camp
    • Top 2 innovation at World Congress of Cardiology
    • Innosuisse Initial Coaching
    • Venture Leaders South Africa
  6. Revenues and awards

    • Pilot project signed with a medical device manufacturer
    • Innosuisse startup exchange program Israel
    • Top 10 Swiss medtech companies to watch in 2020 (Venturelab)
    • Project agreement signed with a medical device manufacturer
    • Top 10 in ZKB pionierpreis
    • Top 60 in De Vigier prize
    • Top 30 rising-star Swiss Women Entrepreneurs
    • Bilan Economy magazine top 50 startups to invest in 2020
  7. Growing presence of Hi-D Imaging

    • Project agreement signed with a medical device manufacturer
    • Innosuisse core coaching program acceptance
    • Mass Challenge Switzerland Accelerator finalist
    • Swiss Innovation Challenge finalist
    • Seif Impact academy program acceptance
    • Tech Tour Germany participant