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Urs Christen

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Urs Christen
Board Member
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Urs Christen is a Swiss national and is the founder, owner and CEO of the medical trading company Fumedica, which focuses on Interventional Cardiology, Structural Heart, Heart Surgery & General Surgery and has activities in Germany and Switzerland.

He has an extensive experience as Chairman and as shareholder of various international companies in the above-mentioned fields such as Jotec GmbH (acquired by Cryolife in 2018) and New Valve Technology (acquired by Biosensors/Bluesail in 2020). He is also the chairman and CEO of Fumedica Switzerland & Germany. Chairman and CEO of Medira AG, Muri. Chairman Valtronic Technologies SA, Charbonnières. Member of the Board and Vice President of Hotel Muri AG, Muri, Member of the Board Occlutech Holding AG, Schaffhausen, Member of the Board of Muri Kultur. Prior to this, he was the Chairman of Jotec and the Chairman and CEO of NVT AG

Specialty Board Member
Degrees Laboratory chemist
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