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Touching Your Heart

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Personalized Aortic Valve Selection Service

Our service is based on analyzing the blood flow patterns in vitro using an optical imaging technique within an anatomically accurate silicone model produced using CT scans of the patients.

We test different heart valves for the patient specific anatomy before the surgery and report the tailored optimum shape and size of the valve to the clinician. Using different valves, we will assess detailed information of the blood flow parameters including pressure drop and recovery under different conditions (valve type, shape, size). This information will be very crucial for the clinical doctor before the surgery, which will allow the clinician to make the optimum valve selection for the specific patient. This will increase the life quality of the patient, decrease after-surgery complications, reduce the long-term costs, and increase the success rate of the surgery. The approach consists of anatomic data acquisition, model production, flow measurements and analysis of the blood flow patterns. The seven-step process is effective, low-cost and fast for the clinicians.

Anatomy Acquisition
3D-Printed Mask
Silicone Model Production
TAVI Performance Tests
Fluid Dynamic Experiments
Analysis Of The Blood Flow
Report Results to Clinician