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Superior method
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Our proprietary algorithms provide high precision, accurate, high-resolution results from raw medical images in a secure pipeline. 

Computer Vision

Computer vision (CV) has been widely used in various medical image processing applications for the last decades and plays an important role in segmentation of cardiac images and measurements. Our expert engineers have a collective experience of 17 years of developing computer vision algorithms in medical applications. Our advanced algorithms securely handle the patient data and give high resolution, precise, accurate results between seconds to minutes.

  • Results ready in a few clicks
  • 97% accuracy in aortic dimensions, compared with golden standard
  • Fast, precise, reliable
  • Proprietary algorithm

Machine Learning

Machine Learning approaches are being adopted increasingly in clinics all around the world. The increasing confidence interval of the results with the real-world patient data helps physicians make more-informed decisions with new data within a matter of seconds. Our expert engineers at Hi-D Imaging develop Deep Learning algorithms with high confidence levels, tested with golden standards. Hence, helping decision-making during pre-operational operation planning by reducing complexity, time, and costs. All of the data is securely handled in our servers.

  • Results in one click, fully automated
  • 91% agreement in aorta reconstruction, compared with the golden standard
  • Proprietary data and algorithm

Fluid Dynamics

Biomedical fluid dynamics is a core concept to understand the blood flow of the patient and therefore access the best diagnosis and treatment options for patient-specific anatomy.

Precision medicine at its best. Our proprietary fluid dynamics analysis platform goes beyond the capabilities of conventional medical images by analyzing the patient-specific parameters. Our algorithms extract vital parameters related to the patient-specific anatomy and support physicians during their decision-making process.


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Reduce complexity

Our algorithms simplify the pre-operational planning process and provide the physician a comprehensive tool to view, measure, and analyze the results in one click.

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Save time

The novel combination of CV, ML, fluid dynamics reduces the image processing down to <60 seconds for every patient in the clinical routine at heart centers.

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Save costs

Saving time, saving costs. Our software packages are offered at competitive prices in the market. Contact us for more information about different software packages and pricing options.


>35 publications and counting

Selection of journal publications

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Selection of conference papers

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