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Pre-seed capital from Venture Kick

Healable Composites, Anti-metastatic Drug Platform, Customized Heart-Valve Production, and Sustainable Concrete

Hi-D Imaging: A novel heart valve selection service

In the era of personalized medicine, a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is no longer valid. Hi-D Imaging’s novel service exceeds conventional imaging tools to find the best type of heart-valve for each individual patient. Researchers Utku Gülan and Özge Karakas, engineers from ETH Zurich, are developing imaging technologies for cardiovascular disease doctors and their patients needing heart valve replacement. Hi-D Imaging’s technology, based on ten years of expertise in biomedical fluid dynamics, uses advanced scanning, 3D-printing and imaging techniques to select the ideal valve before surgery. This reduces complications after-surgery and improves patient recovery and quality of life.

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