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Below we include answers to potential questions that you might have in mind.

What is the benefit of our service for medical companies?

It is currently not possible to assess the functional response and the differential benefit for newly developed heart valves prior to clinical studies are being performed. With this service, the producers can demonstrate whether the newly developed heart valves are an improvement for patients – and can calculate the health economical impact.

Is the service interesting for insurance companies?

Our pre-operational support tool improves hemodynamics which leads to a reduction in re-hospitalization rates. The costs occurred due to rehospitalization need to be covered by the Canton and insurance companies. Hence, we help the entire healthcare system to reduce costs.

Aren’t cardiologists and hence hospitals keen to use your technology?

Using our technology will help hospitals to provide better treatment for patients and to enable personalized solutions. We have talked to >100 cardiologists and received very positive feedback on the need & potential of our technology which will become a regular clinical standard in the treatment of patients with cardiovascular diseases.